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Discount flights to Malawi’s vinspired Lake Of Stars Festival

Friday, December 11th, 2009

Kenya Airways are offering nearly 33 percent off flights from Heathrow to Lilongwe (via Nairobi) to coincide with the “Lake of Stars Festival” in Malawi. Flights to the country’s capital start at £416, which is around £200 cheaper than the original price. The airline expects the reduced-price tickets to be reverted back soon so those wanting to take advantage are advised to act fast.
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Glastonbury 2010: ‘trying for the world’s best headliners’

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

In an interview for the official “Glastonbury Festival” website, organizer Michael Eavis has admitted that following this year’s success ‘expectations are high’ for next year’s event. The festival chief is aiming to ace the success of 2009 in June 2010 when Glastonbury celebrates its 40th anniversary.

“People are very interested in this 40 year thing,” said Eavis, “everywhere I go, people are asking about. The expectations are really high. So we have to deliver on that. We’re trying to get the best headliners in the world.”
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Prague culture wars

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

A series of protests by the Czech artists and intellectuals has been successful in changing the city’s cultural policy. Milan Richter, Councilor for Culture and Tourism, had the contentious idea of subsidizing the city’s theatres based upon the number of tickets they sell. But the system, introduced in November 2007, led to a minor rebellion in the Czech arts world. Non-commercial theatres, art galleries and others complained they would go out of business within months if starved of state grants. A petition followed signed by 30,000 people, public demonstrations and even a raucous sit in at Prague City Hall.
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